Creating the Brand

The brand essentially invented itself mirroring Jo’s journey.  She had originally called the vineyard ‘Ripponvale Road’ but had problems getting this through the Intellectual Property Office.  After about a year of toing and froing, she was at a wine conference in Wellington listening to a shareholder in ‘Ice-breaker’ talk about the need for a brand to have a good story.   ‘Serendipity’ was in fact the obvious choice for her brand name and stories abounded every step of the way.

She also believed Serendipity had a very uplifting appeal, which would draw people in to want to be part of the experience.  The most obvious of Serendipity’s uplifting characteristics is the vineyard itself, which lies on a visually dramatic solo sugarloaf (a glacial deposit) drawing the eye upwards.  This sugarloaf features prominently on the bottom of the label marking the initiation of her serendipitous journey.

To embark on a journey, one must know where they are going and a compass is always essential to aid orientation. The compass on the Serendipity label is very significant, the origin of which was derived from a good luck charm that Jo acquired on her travels around the world with an inscription beside it reading it would bring her good fortune.  A famous philosopher Louis Pasteur once said “chance favours the prepared mind”. 

In addition to this after her first teaching post in South Otago and about to leave the country on her big overseas adventure, one of Jo's students gave her a compass with the inscription reading " you will always find your way home".  Both the charm and the compass remind Jo to keep her mind open and prepared, poised to take advantage of good fortune when it comes her way.  It reminds her of where she has come and keeps her on track reminding her of where she is headed.  It is oriented to 308 degrees which mirrors the direction the vines at Serendipity were planted and incorporates the number 8, her lucky number.